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Personal Insurance House Homeowners Insurance

Today's homeowners insurance comes in a wide variety of coverages. Insurance carriers customize their forms to the class of home they feel most comfortable. All carriers now provide extras in the policy to enhance coverage for customers. Reviewing your options has never been more important. We will work with you to find a fit that will last more than one or two years, however, many times your needs change. Most often is when you move, however, increased housing costs can make changes happen almost over night. Working together we can keep coverage relevant.

Personal Insurance Auto Personal Auto Insurance

Policies are based on a number of factors, the main ones are:

  • Age of drivers
  • Location of home
  • Insurance/Credit score
  • Driving record

Working together we can explain how each of these will affect your policy. Again, not all carriers react to each circumstance the same. Finding the one that fits makes all the difference, in both price and coverage.

Personal Insurance Motorcycle Personal Motorcycle Insurance

Policies are available that are particularly attractive for a Harley-Davidson, Yamaha or Honda motorcycle, with replacement cost on newer motorcycles available. We have multiple carriers to choose from, with discounts such as multi-policy, home ownership, safety course completion, insuring multiple units, transferring your policy to us, and loss-free renewal.

View the following videos on Motorcycle Safety:

Tire safety and your motorcycle
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Personal Insurance Umbrella Personal Umbrella

Umbrella policies offer higher limits to your standard liability, auto and employers liability policies. Umbrella policies are one of the most misunderstood policies for business. A personal review of your needs is the only way to determine what is best for you. Remember that few umbrellas add coverage, they just provide higher limits of insurance.

Personal Insurance Manufactured Homeowners Manufactured Homeowners Insurance

Today's Manufactured Homeowners comes with many more options than past polices. Reviewing you options has never been hard, but more important than before. We will work with you to find a fit that will last more than one or two years. Items to consider:

  • Level of coverage
  • Person Property limits and schedules
  • Personal Liability limits
  • Other Structures
  • Builders Risk – to cover during construction period
  • Mechanical and Electrical breakdown – sudden and accidental failure of electrical systems.
  • Trip collision if need to move the home.

Items to consider for discounts:

  • Good credit
  • Age of insured 40+ or 50+
  • Smoke detectors
  • Non-smoker
  • Home and auto combined discount

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